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Actual Scary Hours.

Tis the season.

With preseason action complete the Nets look to open their season by hosting the New Orleans Pelicans. The Nets will look to have Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons playing real basketball minutes, together. A very anticipated group looking to become successful but it does not mean they can do it themselves.

Sure, the trio will be looked upon by fans and spectators to contribute the most and be a reason for success. However, the real danger is upon this roster again. If you have been paying attention over the years injuries and medical concerns have just not gone away. The real scary hours to Nets fans is the patience needed to await for players to play at full capacity.

Joe Harris, has again lingering ankle issues and has developed soreness and pain to be shut down after one preseason game. Seth Curry, also suffering from undergoing ankle surgery and is not fully ready to give it a go. Both, will not be ready for Wednesday night's opener and no one is sure how long the duration will be. Again, the Nets have an important season ahead but are not fully healthy. The minimal, and vague updates on players' medical descriptions leave the question of when will these players begin to compete and play complete games.

The Nets are a team that will need multiple bodies and skill sets to become what they want to be, which is a championship roster. With that being said, it's time to take the season seriously and commit to the grind of the season. Yet, be more decisive and upfront about injuries and push some of their players to be on the court. We are constantly ramping up or feeling comfortable out there and being patient. Patience only gets you so far. Which lately, has sent the Nets home several seasons.

Yes, the Nets have star power but players, 15 out of 15 there's no question everyone needs to be contributing. Championship teams win together. However, it seems these situations just keep piling up. Scary hours in Brooklyn seems to be just a player who is always getting treatment or looking for more rehab and not testing the waters after longer than usual durations, with a journey of a ramp-up.

Granted health is a very critical factor in all of our lives, it should be taken seriously at full capacity. However, sometimes the best way to get a full rep and gain confidence is to do what you do best and that's play basketball. Hopefully, Joe Harris and Seth Curry two of whom are needed in the shooting category for this team arrive in time for some important season games. Not to mention, sneaky free agent addition T.J Warren has had a long duration of being fully available. Fans are awaiting and hoping these players can be added to the roster to make it a full continue to have depth.

The Nets know they need them and without some other scoring ability out on the floor, the Nets may become a very tired and predictable bunch.

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