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B***h Don’t Kill My Vibe

Is this what it was supposed to feel like???

For almost 4 seasons the Nets have been dreaming and anticipating both of these players to absolutely take the league by storm. Sure you can argue the Nets have always had star power for that time period, but did they ever become a cohesive unit and a team? As everybody knows that just has not happened yet. Whether that be with nagging injuries, off-court issues, social media presence, or pretty much every other distraction you can think of. Now, we are getting a taste and the potential of total domination and chemistry this duo can bring. It is gratifying to watch because it's not forced either. Complimentary and defined as it can be since Kyrie Irving has returned. If you all have been paying attention to my pieces, I named Kyrie Irving this team's x-factor.

Roles are pretty defined on this roster and health is finally starting to be on their side. Vaughn has got everyone to buy in and commit to this process. It is such a joy to have this team play basketball and enjoy one another. Have they had some luck on their side, sure many players have been out but you're supposed to win those games. This upcoming stretch will be a difficult one but let's be honest, these are the games you get up for and have extra juice for!

Kevin Durant is also having an MVP-caliber year and Kyrie Irving is complimenting him as he goes. Can it be a success this way? Absolutely! However, we are still awaiting the offensive games of certain players to come around to be a juggernaut. Thus, let's take a look at their defense. They are playing guarding teams and that is a big difference.

Lots of credit to the coaching staff for saving this season and let's ride the wave and keep the vibes high as the Nets roll!

Nets take on the Warriors at Barclays Center tonight for their 7th straight win. Tune in and Lets Go Nets!

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