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Bridges, with Multiple Brooklyn Cringes.

We can hear the fan base again, Sighhhhhhhhhhh

Brooklyn has a fun, young team again but lacking pivotal position players to contend and close games. Questions about timetables for returns for players especially Ben Simmons. While also having those same questions about this off-season already.


What else is new? This has been a Brooklyn Nets concern for their 10-year duration in the borough. All of a sudden the Nets have put the world weight on Mikal Bridges' shoulders to make a playoff push and continue to avoid the play in tournament. Really tough task for a player to be asked to do considering the circumstances.

Bridges is a hell of a talent and plays hard every night. Not much more you can ask out of the young man. However, the Nets roster lacks the depth and the stardom to close. Ever since the completed trades of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant the Nets have lost their luster and also became a bottom-tier franchise.

With not much of a system intact and players just trying to compete, what's the best option for a young fun team like this who can't overcome these obstacles you may ask. Retool, rebuild, and reconstruct should be the motto, yet again.

The nets may be in a position to make a move this off-season but losing does not help either.

The losses keep adding up. Five in a row and not many games left. Continue to lose or fight and keep playoff contention alive, will be the debate for many fans who represent Brooklyn. Not sure what the right decision is but Sean Marks and Jacque Vaughn sure will be busy thinking about this choice.

As for your Brooklyn Nets fans, at the moment it's all a Mikal Bridges-led future. Watching these mistakes being made over and over again you can't help to be hopeless.

Has anyone seen Ben Simmons by the way?


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