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Bringing the Aura Back

Aura is defined as the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

The aura is being felt again in the Barclays Center. Once again the Nets have made the post-season, with new faces but have the same goal. That goal is to compete every night and fight together to build something special, the right way.

That starts with Mikal Bridges. Bridges brings a sort of happiness to Brooklyn Nets fans that haven't been felt in a very long time. Not only is Bridges a team-first player, but he brings a certain energy, reliability, and fun to the fans. Especially, when you have his signature celebration from the floor around the league to fans on social media. The amount of game Bridges has shown in his short time here has been outstanding. New averages in scoring while also sharpening his defensive skills have been such a joy to watch. Now he gets to lead this team in a playoff run and we are all expecting it to be a joy to watch.

This also reminds us of a player who was also a Brooklyn Net for a time and had the same feeling. We remember the "ice in your veins" storm that was brought to Brooklyn. Yes, I am bringing up D'Angelo Russell who was outstanding for the Nets. Russell was brought in for the rebuild but also rebuilt himself during this time. Offensively Russell had show-stopping nights with his offensive ability, passing, and clutch performances. An all-star with the Nets and was really leading the Nets to become a destination for players. It was such a fun time for the fans and to watch him grow.

The common similarities here are not coincidences. Bridges and Russell both are very charismatic and have the potential to star in the borough, and both are committed to a team-first mentality. From the jersey number to the celebrations, the feeling is there again for this organization. It is now going to be up to Sean Marks and the company again to make the correct decisions.

As we countdown to a matchup with our old friends in Philadelphia, something familiar is brewing in Brooklyn.

However, the question for another day is will they let Mikal Bridges lead and can they count on him for the future?

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