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Bronny James: Sierra Canyon to USC

The basketball world awaited the decision of where Bronny James would go to college. There were plenty of options on the table that included Oregon, Ohio State, etc. However, the four-star guard decided to take his talents to USC to continue his journey in Southern California. Committing to a program with a recent history of winning and player development should benefit Bronny positively. 

The media automatically creates narratives about Bronny James. As many are aware, his father is known as one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. With that being said, high expectations are going to surround the 18-year-old. To many, Bronny isn’t one of the more talented stars in the country. However, his name and image itself will allow everyone to keep eyes on how he transitions to the college level. 

Yes, Bronny is a four-star athlete. However, he has all the intangibles to grow into more of an elite, all-around talent. There’s no debate that Bronny is a high flier with his ability to attack the rim. His ability to run the fastbreak is a resemblance to the great LeBron James. However, what makes Bronny special offensively is his ability to be a perimeter threat. He’s a terrific spot-up shooter that defenders must close out on when he’s shooting. He shows to be a very high percentage three-point shooter when given the opportunity. 

The way Bronny moves without the basketball is impressive. Most times he’s making backdoor cuts while setting off-ball screens to help himself and other teammates get open. Bronny’s high IQ understands how to make the right play, which allows him to be valuable on the floor. The one area that can use improvement is his ability to score off the dribble. It’s a slow progress that I believe he will improve upon at the college level. 

Defensively, Bronny isn’t an elite on-ball defender. However, what any scout loves to see from him on that end of the floor is effort. Bronny will fight over set screens and look to keep his body attached to his player. With that being said, he’s able to force turnovers by stripping the basketball or interrupting passing lanes.

According to USA Today, Bronny James averaged 13.8 points to go with 5.5 rebounds and 1.8 steals during his senior year. He continues to elevate his play as it benefits his draft stock for 2024. If you ask me, Bronny is more likely not going to land as a lottery pick. As skilled of a player as he is, he’s not a talent that many insiders believe they could build their future around. However, he is a middle-to-late first-round pick and could be beneficial to a supporting cast. 

Committing to USC was a great decision for Bronny James as he looks to further his basketball development. As LeBron James mentioned in the postgame of Game 3 vs the Golden State Warriors, Bronny is the “first of the James Gang” to go to college this fall. Over the past few years, the Trojans have been a contender in the PAC-12 and the program has done a great job of developing NBA players like Evan Mobley, Onyeka Okongwu, and others. Bronny may not have committed to a blue blood or a school with a legendary coach. However, signing with USC will allow him to continue his growth as a talent. 

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