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Defenseless Nets? Not so Fast.

Does anybody else shoot an airball in the park or outside in their lives?

Yeah, me too!

While everyone was so concerned about the Brooklyn Nets jump shooter Ben Simmons, shot attempt at Practice in the Park, the Nets had their mind on their next opponent, the Milwaukee Bucks.

A highly anticipated matchup usually if it were the regular season had that intense type of feel leading to tip-off last night. While it also helped that ESPN had the broadcast, many fans, yes I said fans were excited for Ben Simmons to be matched up against Giannis Antetokounmpo. A matchup that did not disappoint for a preseason game.

The Nets have been on the losing end of most of the battles with the Bucks. Whether, it be unfortunate injuries or just running out of gas, or just being too soft defensively. It was time for the Nets to look in the mirror and show who they want to be, and create an identity.

That identity will be searched for most likely during the course of the season. Yet, there were factors that made many open their eyes during the contest. First, Ben Simmons indeed was more aggressive on the floor. Nearly had a triple-double and held Antetokounmpo to a limited shooting percentage in the first half. Simmons did however only shoot 1-4 from the free throw line. That will have to improve if he, Steve Nash wants his defensive ability to close.

Another department the team has lacked in had been rebounding. Getting any type of improvement will be a huge help. Nets did just that last evening. They played physical and aggressively. The rebounding led to fast outlet passes, easy transition baskets and to change the pace. Something unusual from the Nets but a joy to watch.

The last is the ball movement, the passing to the open man and the consistent swing pass was a site to see. Sharing the ball and getting easy baskets will always be a point of emphasis. Just a totally complete game for the Nets was finally played and it was pleasantly enjoyable.

All fans are anticipating the start of the regular season and wonder what Nets team they will see. Steve Nash, does get blamed a lot when the team lacks some energy or does not seem prepared. That is something to keep tabs on and Nash should hold the Nets to that standard. The Nets are also missing potential top performers in Joe Harris, Seth Curry, and T.J Warren. It will be interesting to see the adjustments made to adjust to different teams.

Stay tuned to the Nets for another game upcoming on Friday as the Nets take on the Timberwolves to shut the door on preseason action. The regular season is so close to returning to Barclays Center. Please stay tuned in for all updates and Nets news right here at Off the Ball Network.

Look to follow me at @BKN_Says for Brooklyn Nets updates and content!

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