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Hedge's Euro 2024 Quarterfinal Match Previews & Best Wagers

How can you not want to tail these bets coming up after our Round of 16 plays? Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands all took care of their lesser opponents. England and France also took care of business, just in a far less impressive fashion. So after a 5-3 slate of games, what has Hedge got cooked up for the quarters? So Hedge, using BetAlytics software, got in the kitchen and cooked up a feast that Gordon Ramsey would say is "bloody brilliant." Now here are the previews and picks

Euro Quarterfinal Match 1: Spain vs. Germany

I think that it would be tough to argue that this matchup has the two most impressive teams this tournament squaring off. Germany will have the crowd and most of the money behind, them but I am going the other way. BetAlytics grades Spain to win as a B+ grade with an xG of 1.35-1.08. Germany has been able to control games through Toni Kroos and I think Spain's pressure will not allow him to operate. So give me the best team going in this tournament to advance, I believe in regular time, but to advance is the safer value.

Match Prediction: Spain 2-1 (Betting Spain to advance -120)

Quarterfinal Match 2: Portugal vs. France

France comes in as a heavy favorite, which might make Cristiano shed a tear for the second time this tournament. If BetAlytics is telling me anything, it is that an xG of 1.05-1.03 means a close affair, regardless of the betting lines. What concerns me is the value around it is tough. Under 2.5 is sitting at -175, so that makes it virtually unplayable. Taking either team's ML when the xG is that close is also gross to see. And Mbappe and Ronaldo have been unable to convert on chances. My lean is towards yes on both teams to score and just enjoy the game in general. A high probability of extra time here.

Match Prediction: 1-1; Portugal to advance (Betting BTTS Yes -105)

Quarterfinal Match 3: England vs. Switzerland

The Swiss have been a bit of a surprise this tournament, but I am not putting them in England's realm. The domination of Italy may be concerning to others, but I think that said more about Italy's lack of quality upfront than the Swiss being legit. England barely survived Slovakia, but this seems like an ideal matchup for England to get back on track. A renewed sense of confidence with Bellingham and Kane finding the back of the net was in order. This will be a lower-scoring affair, but England will prevail in the first 90.

Match Prediction: 2-0 England (Betting England ML +120)

Quarterfinal Match 4: Netherlands vs. Turkey

Holy hell, how can you not feel bad for the Austrians not advancing last round? Turkey created very few chances and is very lucky to be here. We picked the Netherlands to win it all on our podcast and stand by that choice. Yes, it was a 3-0 vs. Romania, but Gakpo has been the best finisher in the tournament so far. I think this will be a pretty wide-open game, with plenty of chances. With the Netherlands ML at -175, I am parlaying that with over 1.5 total goals to make it playable. Let's get our 15/1 future into the semi-finals!

Match Prediction: 2-1 Netherlands (Betting Netherlands ML + Over 1.5 -125)

Remember lads and ladies, luck favors the bold – so place your bets wisely and enjoy the drama that unfolds on the grandest stage of European football!

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Who Will Win Euro 2024?

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • England

  • Other

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