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Everyone Loves a Villain: Not this Time.

Is it going to be a happy ten year anniversary to the Brooklyn Nets?

Formerly established in Long Island, NY to New Jersey the Nets have relocated again and arrived in Brooklyn in 2012. Irrelevance and popularity had been a fight of the organization for quite sometime. Even during the golden years of 2002-2004 when the team went to the finals, still seemed to be a struggle to overcome those variables.

Fast forward to present time and looking from a far the Nets have seemed to overcome those tough battles. The trio now entering this season of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons has a boat load full of talent. Also, it would seem many fans would be in support of these top level players. However, there always seems to be a manner of disagreements, debates and arguments when it comes to the Brooklyn trio and organization on a national level.

Durant has let many of his supporters down when he decided to leave the Oklohoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors to ring chase. While also clapping back to people on social media. That has kind of left the conversation door open to other subjects rather than his basketball performance and talent. Which lets be honest, Kevin Durant is still one of if not the best players in this league. Yet, the subject matter seems to be his lack of loyalty or sensitive acts on social media to be a lead conversation.

Irving, has a stack of conversation starters for those that cover basketball or even local news topic. Also, Kyrie Irving is talked about his actions rather than his basketball performances. Granted some time it is all warranted and requires a discussion. Irving, is also a very talented player and when he performs well it becomes to be swept under the rug or not talked about at all. Media seem to have a issue with Irving ever since he called them out for being pawns. Again, relevance away from the baskerball floor has made individuals and those close to game not a big supporter of his now.

Finally, Ben Simmons one of the best young talents to enter the NBA. Being drafted to the Sixers and being an All Star, Defensive Player of Year and having much support for a promising career, all went away. It disappeared because he didn't show up in a playoff series against the Hawks and dismissed to make a layup dunk attempt to assume a victory would have happened. Simmons refused to play for the Sixers again after being scapegoated and pushed out the door. There was also struggles of Simmon's mental health in order to get back on the floor. Eventually traded to Brooklyn, a fresh start and taking the floor after a back surgery. Looking to help the Nets become a championship contender took the floor in Mondays first preseason action. Yet, what did we see clips making fun of missed free throws and turn away jump shots. Not the passing distibution or running the floor leading dunk. Its becoming a tale tell league and no one wants to tell the Nets success story.

Have the Nets have created the most hated big three in the NBA? All these off court factors leading to the discussion of national media to create debate and a cause of concern has elevated the Nets franchise as a hated franchise amongst NBA fans. Many fans are in support of most if not all players when they are elite on court. The Nets trio has not seen much of that support much. Only support comes from real fans of the Nets. Basketball fans have been swayed by many and allowed them to tell the story.

In present time the Nets have a job to do. These three players should have a big chip on their shoulders to overcome all and contend and win a championship. The Nets as a whole should want to prove all of the doubters wrong. Winning is contagious and changing the narrative of themselves if they are rasing a trophy together. Or simply the noise gets louder because the window is getting smaller.

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