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Hedge's Group Stage Legacy Wagers - Euro 2024 Bets

We bounced back in a big way in article two of the Euro's. Our lads from Glasgow earned a point in a low-scoring affair and Slovenia and Austria got the results we needed. But not one cares about last week, they are saying "Hedge quit pumping your own tires, what winners do you have coming." We have heard the chatter, some are calling us the word rhyming with "braud" when it comes to footy plays. So we are calling this our summer legacy week and it will set us up for an incredible July as well. With the power of Hedge's mind and Betalytics software, we will be a force to be reckoned with. So here are our bets and let's get profitable!

Euro 2024 Bets Group A

Scotland vs. Hungary Under 2.5 Goals +120

I think we see a winner no matter what. A draw does neither side any good to advance out of this group. It should be pretty open futbol on both sides, which means I expect chances, my concern is the lack of finishers for both teams. Low-key could have a match of the group stage potential if they take those chances, but I don't think they will. Either way, I will have my Darren Fletcher Scotland jersey on wishing for the best.

Group B

Spain -1.5 vs. Albania +120

This to me is just an example of a tournament contender beating up on a team lucky to be here. Albania certainly battled with an aging Croatia side, but that is more about Croatia being washed than any other storyline. Spain will score plenty of goals, they will be talked about a ton by the pundits following the result as being legitimate. Look at a Morata to score in a matchup like this, he feasts on lesser opponents. But we will be on the right side of this play and it's our Hedge guarantee of the article.

Group C

Denmark vs. Serbia Over 2.5 -130

Denmark should get through regardless of the result in Munich. But the press that Denmark put on England in the last round of matches was awe-inspiring at times. They have the scoring ability up front outside of Eriksen, which hasn't always been present. Hjolund is worth a look on the player prop front for a goalscorer in this game. A point also does Serbia no good, so they should be opening up play quite a bit to fight for three points in this one. Love the over, let's ride baby.

Group D

France -1.5 vs. Poland -120

France coming off of a draw wants to ensure they secure all three points and win the group. Not only that but they will likely need to win by multiple goals to ensure that happens. And with a not-fit Lewandowski on the Polish side that feels very likely. Betalytics has the ML at an A grade, an 82% win probability, and an xG of 2.17-0.62 so we are riding fully with this play. Let's finally get Mbappe on the score sheet, or as we are nicknaming him, Paris Wayne.

Group E

Romania vs. Slovakia Exact Score 1-1 +270

If we are going to preach Betalytics technology how can we not play this one? They are projecting a 1.13-1.08 on the goals front, which is the epitome of a draw, and a 1-1 draw at that. Romania had a surprising opening-day victory over Slovakia but followed that up with a loss to Belgium. Slovakia has been a tough test in both of their games to open their tournament, so expect a close result here.

Group F

Portugal -1.5 vs. Georgia +105

If the last round of matches taught me anything, it is that Portugal is a force in this tournament. Georgia fought valiantly vs. the Czech Republic, even taking a point, but they were very fortunate to do so. Portugal is going to win this group, but even if we see a lesser Portugal lineup in this game I think we see a blowout. Plenty of young talent on that Portugal bench who are hungry to get some playing time. They will show what we can expect post-Ronaldo Portugal to look like.

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