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Jobber's Corner: Booyakah! Booyakah... 6-1-9!

Jobber's Corner is back bigger than Braun Strowman, but hopefully that is not the only major comeback we see in the wrestling world... On this week's edition of Jobber's Corner, we dial it up, swing through the ropes and give the readers a 6-1-9!!!! Six things that happened in the sports entertainment world we liked our covered. One instance that we would change in the sports entertainment world is given, and of course there is excitement. So nine theories and storylines that we are looking forward to coming up are covered! Much like any good 6-1-9, we end with a splash, the biggest heel of the week!

The 6 Things I Liked

#1: The Subtle (Yet In Your Face) Change from Butch back to 'The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne

When Vince McMahon was in charge, Butch was a Scrappy Doo wannabe who needed to be tied up and strayed away from a legitimate bruiser type wrestler. Now with HHH in charge, Butch has Ridge Holland dropping subtle hints on how much of a 'bruiser' Butch has been, and Dunne is back doing the joint manipulation type offense we saw in NXT.

I have no idea what this could lead to for Butch and the Brawling Brutes, but a new feud with the Uso's, and reverting back to an old character has me excited.

#2: Press Conferences for Premium Live Event Title Matches

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of the Paul/Roman match to highlight Crown Jewel. But when Vince put on Crown Jewel in the past he always drew name value, and you know what Logan Paul has? Name Value.

But even with this big name event, there has been lack of a storyline. Insert this press conference. Let the bad blood start to boil, gives it a big fight feel, and come Friday Night Smackdown, the storyline can build off this press conference.

#3: The Firm. A Faction "On Retainer"

MJF is the biggest heel in the game, and having a faction to help him at his beck-and-call only reinforces that. When Stokely Hathaway started recruiting, there was not a ton of build with it. Now looking back at it, this could be the biggest faction in AEW by the end of 2022. With MJF having the chip, the Gunn Club vying for AEW Tag Titles, and All Ego Ethan Page feuding with every silly gimmick in the game. This faction could be littered in Gold.

#4: Wargames is BACK!

Gone with the days of the brand battle at Survivor Series... IN WITH WARGAMES! The brand supremacy storylines were always so forced, now we can let them build and come to a head naturally at Survivor Series. With the new influx of factions as well, the opportunities are endless of what can happen.

#5: Kevin Owens. That's it.

We are about a week late on KO's promo on Theory. But Owens shooting on Austin Theory felt as he was shooting on more than Theory. He was shooting on Vince McMahon's company. But now we are in HHH's WWE and Kevin Owens has been as big as he should have been all the prior years. Fight Owens. Fight.

#6: Sami Zayn and The Bloodline

Sami Zayn has does it. Somehow, some way, Sami Zayn has made himself one of the biggest faces in one of the best heel factions in the history of sports entertainment. I have loved every minute of him building importance in the Bloodline, and cannot wait to see how this fracture happens.

The 1 Thing I'd Change

#1: Monday Night Raw (9/19) had too many Interference Finishes

Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley ended with Riddle interrupting. Theory vs. KO ended with a little help from Gargano. Riddle and Rey vs. The Judgement Day ended in interruptions from Seth Rollins. Bliss vs. Bayley ended in interruptions.

I understand that it is part of wrestling, but a nice clean pin would be a sight to see. Building storylines are definitely a part of what WWE was doing, but they can build storylines without any interference.

The 9 Theories/Storylines We are Excited to See Build

#1: The Bray Wyatt Return? A Live Firefly Funhouse?

I recognize most of this is speculation, and putting Karrion Kross in a faction may take away from a potential main event guy. But picture War Games with Bray's LIVE FUNHOUSE TEAM against the BLOODLINE!!!! Does not get much better than this.

Once again. I recognize it is all speculation. But with odd lighting around Alexa Bliss, some white rabbit references, and rumors around Bray Wyatt, it is certainly something to be excited about.

#2: An MJF Cash-In

This is what we as wrestling fans have been waiting for. Whether there is a contract dispute or not, MJF has been one of the biggest draws in the sports entertainment universe, so putting a title on him is going to be EXCITING times.

With Mox and Danielson slated to face off in a championship match, we could be seeing MJF cashing in that Casino Royale Chip for some gold around his waist. It may match his Burberry Scarf?

#3: A KO/Gargano/Theory MITB Stipulation Match