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Jobber's Corner: Dropping Swanton Bombs on the Wrestling World

Wrestling is in an amazing place, even with Ace Steele going all Edward Cullen on the Elite. Returns are happening, stories are being built, and the in-ring talent is arguably the best it has ever been. Whether you side with All Elite Wrestling or WWE, for the first time in a long time, all of it feels entertaining! But even with all the entertainment, there are takes to be had, and that is where we step in, dropping our Swanton Bombs on the state of sports entertainment.

Swanton Bomb #1: Solo Sikoa should be the one to Break the Bloodline

At Clash of the Castle, Solo Sikoa, The Street Champion, the Baddest in the Bloodline, debuted and spoiled Drew McIntyre's title hopes. Sikoa can absolutely be a prime time player in the Bloodline but I think he can do so much more.

There have been the rumors of The Rock coming and facing off against Roman Reigns in Hollywood at next year's WrestleMania, and maybe The Rock can come in and use his mic ability to sway the Uso's away from Roman's allegiance. However, I have something better to build.

Solo Sikoa can be built to be the next mega star. In Roman and the Uso's next title bouts, Solo is by their sides, ensuring victory. But down the road, after 'Honorary Uce' Sami Zayn betrays the bloodline and sides with KO to take down the Uso's without the help of Roman, the Usos and Sikoa start to feel betrayed by their Tribal Chief.

Roman continues to defend his momentous reign, often with the help of just Solo. But when Solo gets a chance at the Intercontinental Title, Roman is not there to help and Solo loses his shot. This continues to build frustration and Smackdown continues to hint at a Solo betraying Roman with the help of the Uso's. Solo wins the Royal Rumble, and much like Batista did to Triple H and Evolution, turns his back and challenges Roman at WrestleMania for the title with the help of the Usos.

Swanton Bomb #2: MJF Would Not be Wrong to go to WWE at the End of his Deal

It is no coincidence that MJF returned during the Casino Royale Match to Rolling Stone's 'Sympathy for the Devil' while donning a Devilish Mask. At the end of the night after CM Punk's victory, after a return using CM Punk's own words and a voicemail, wrestling fans thought that MJF was going to be the story of all stories in Sports Entertainment.

Oh contraire! The AEW All Out Media Scrum happened, and overtook all the storylines going on. Any hope for a Punk/MJF II feud that could resemble Punk's feud with Cena during Punk's contract dispute is most likely gone now too with Punk's injury. With all the attention off of MJF it seems, going on to bigger and brighter things might not be the worst thing in the world for Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Swanton Bomb #3: Bobby Lashley Desperately Needs New Contenders for the US Title

Braun Strowman had just returned to WWE and got me excited about a potential revisit to the two strongmen's feud. But a quick roster change to Smackdown nixed any hopes of future matches. So who does that leave Lashley with? He has beaten the Miz and Ciampa a couple times now. Omos does not feel ready at all. Riddle feels he should be in bigger feuds, as does Seth Rollins. The roster is riddled with talent, but who steps up to the Almighty One?

BAH GAWD Jobber's Corner will be Back!

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