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Just basketball in Brooklyn. Finally!


A sigh of relief after a drama filled, almost tragic off-season for Nets fans. Kevin Durant trade request, uncertainty with Kyrie Irving contract, and also Ben Simmons progress and timetable. Those involved with the organization had been on a never ending roller coaster since the addition of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The injuries, mandates, a superstar trade of James Harden, and who can forget, getting swept in a first-round playoff series. Most of those obstacles got in the way of a successful few seasons for the Nets, leading up to availability to the organization on scheduled media day.

Questions were asked and all had been answered in a professional manner. The Nets' big three all had been very transparent and clear on their answers and claimed committed to this season. Durant after his trade request, Irving on his contract negotiations and situation with a long-term extension. Also, a very positive and motivated Ben Simmons.

As it wrapped up, the biggest factor is keeping the roster intact and building chemistry. This comes down to Steve Nash and finding a vocal leader in the locker room. The Nets find themselves in a place where they must focus on basketball now and respect the regular season. It's time for the organization to look in the mirror and use their talents to come together and find cohesivenesses to be an anticipated championship contender.

All of that remains to be seen, the Nets will have many eyes on them as the season quickly approaches. The Eastern Conference is also filled with many competitive teams and dominant players. Nets fans can be excited but no doubt in their mind the question is can they stay healthy, and can the team stay intact while focusing on the big picture and win together? It's about time the team gets results and not the dreams they have been selling.

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