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Kyrie Irving: Nets X-Factor

What is your reaction when the name Kyrie Irving is mentioned?

Many will have thoughts and even specific words to describe Irving in a way that's not related to his profession. Kyrie Irving was signed by the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 and it has been quite a roller coaster ride since his arrival. There have been contributing factors that have left a sour taste in the mouths of the Brooklyn Nets organization and even fans.

Irving has had his share of injuries and used personal time to be excused from games which really let the team down. Also, his vaccination status has the most relevance. All have hurt the Nets on the basketball floor. His absence had many questioning his relationships within the organization and even with teammate Kevin Durant. As a result, the Nets had been eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

The questions kept pouring in as this off-season progressed. Irving had been in many rumored trades, especially to join former teammate Lebron James in Los Angeles. Irving had eventually opted into his last year to remain with the Brooklyn Nets. As we have followed along with this relationship the Nets want Irving to prove it this season. The unanswered question is can he do just that, and prove it?

With the season approaching soon. Irving is healthy, there are no questions regarding availability with a vaccination city mandate. Kyrie Irving being on the floor and contributing at a superstar level for most of the year has to have the Nets thinking positive. There is no question what kind of basketball player the Nets have in Irving. The reality is being available, and joining teammates playing at the full level the Nets could be a force in the East.

Irving has a skill set that could really set the Nets apart and can give rival teams fits. Sure they have Kevin Durant and will be hopeful for Ben Simmons. Yet, Irving's availability added to this roster and consistency will give the Nets the success they need. Look for Kyrie Irving to have quite an impactful season. We all would like to see a determined and motivated Irving, as he goes the Nets go.

The Nets host Philadelphia on Monday for their preseason to kick off. It still remains to be seen who will play in these upcoming games. Nets host the Pelicans, on the anticipated opener on October 19th.

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