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MLB Opening Weekend Awards

Opening weekend has come and went for the 2023 MLB season, and with it some hand-picked awards for some of the weekend's performances in all of Sports and Entertainment from Thursday through Sunday, there was baseball, there were torn quads, some above-average smack talk and bad referees. So without further ado, some awards are in order to be given out.

… and keep in mind, EVERYTHING is Wrestling.

The "Hey I'm Old But I Still Got It" Award

Male Winner: Clayton Kershaw

Female Winner: Trish Stratus

You can say what you want about both Kershaw and Trish, but both are Hall of Fame talent in their respective sports, and it is much in part to both of their curves.

For Clayton, his first start was a successful one. Six innings pitched, seven punch-outs and only surrendering one run was enough to start his season off with a victory.

As for Trish, her return to WWE alongside Becky Lynch and Lita proved to be successful as they beat Damage CTRL at Sofi Stadium in Day 1 of WrestleMania. If she moves to becoming a heel is another story... But both legends had themselves a weekend in California.

The "Cole Masterclass" Award

On the Mound Winner: Gerrit Cole

On the Mic Winner: Michael Cole

It is no secret that men with the name 'Cole' are destined for masterclass, and as much as I would of liked to have my name in the prestigious conversation around this award. I could not dare. One dominated the Giants, and one was commentating them.

Gerrit Cole struck out 11 in his first outing, which is a Yankee record for Opening Day K's. He struck out the first 10 of 12, and paced the team to victory. A masterclass many are calling it.

Michael Cole has come out of his shell since Triple H has taken over creative controls (for the time being...). But it was a masterclass behind the announce table Saturday and Sunday. Granted, there were plenty of great match-ups that gave him the gas to let it cook.

That being said I am happy to say that this weekend made me proud to have Cole in the name. Thank you for the masterclass gentlemen.

The "I'm Officially Mami" Award

On the Court Winner: Angel Reese

In the Ring Winner: Rhea Ripley

Whether it was WrestleMania or the Woman's National Championship, there were four bad-a** women vying for titles. Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair, Angel Reese, and Caitlin Clark all made history this weekend. Angel Reese and Rhea Ripley were the badass women that felt like the crowd was pulling for to beat the respective 'Queens' in their sport. Those 'Queens' being Charlotte Flair and Caitlin Clark.

We'll start with Angel Reese. If you think what she did is classless, go watch any football game or men's basketball game. It is part of the game. I remember Antoine Winfield giving Tyreek Hill his peace sign as they were well on their way to a Super Bowl, and while some called it corny, NOBODY called it classless. Respect the Mami of College Hoops and let her enjoy the Title Win!

Rhea Ripley is a GEN-YOU-WINE bad-a**. If you disagree, go check out any one of her mixed matches in the WWE, or even simpler, the match with Charlotte Flair on Saturday... Those women put on a BARNBURNER!

Respect to both Mami's taking out the Queens in their way to a title.

"Disappointed Faces in New Places" Award

On the Field Winner: Juan Soto

In the Ring Winner: Cody Rhodes

Now I know what you are saying, Juan Soto is not a new face in San Diego. But this is his first full season in San Diego, much like it was Cody's first full Road to WrestleMania... and guess what? Both left the state of California with some unhappy faces.

We will start with Juan Soto. The man who in the first series of the Padres year, went 1-14 and had San Diego BOOING him. Not what you want to see out of your fans and a franchise guy. There is still hope much like his WWE counterpart, but not without a little work to get back into the good graces.

The American Nightmare lived out his nightmare Sunday night. The clock struck midnight and he was pinned for the 1-2-3... So where do we go from here? Much like Soto, he will stay atop the MVP/Main Events of their respective sports, but for opening weekend... A disappointing start for some of the faces in new places.

Everything is Wrestling, but MLB is striving to be as Entertaining...

MLB has cut down the game times to roughly two-and-a-half hours and with it has come more offense and more fan interest. So the biggest award of the weekend goes to all you haters that thought this would not work. Go eat crow nerds!

Stay Safe Folks


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