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Patience a Virtue; Perhaps

Well, this ride we have all been on has not been worth the price of admission or the sense of accomplishment for being the required height. Maybe, just maybe the newly constructed ride needs some fine-tuning and improved nuance and advancement to succeed.

Yes all, I am comparing the tenure of Nets, Ben Simmons, and I'm trying to bring some light to the situation. Simmons indeed had his issues with the Philadelphia 76ers and certainly was and caused a media frenzy. The whole problem with Simmons and tarnishing his name and reputation has been just that. It has not been about basketball whats so ever. We have heard about his money, personal life, and fans making fun of his concerning pass in a playoff game or being scared to shoot. What is forgotten is how much of a good basketball player Simmons actually has been early in his career.

The Nets acquired Ben Simmons in the James Harden deal with several other pieces. The Nets are getting most of the finger-pointing for Simmons not being ready or improved. Yet, Simmons had not been developed by the Sixers whatsoever, the contract he earned that catches so much flack was also given by his original organization. Brooklyn needed to contend and was relying on a spark to make a run to get to compete for a title. Let's be honest, Simmons was never ready. Who's kidding who also, Irving and Durant rushing Simmons to be out there and get to form had to be a cause of a bigger decline, yet that's an opinion.

Back surgery and not completing full training camps and multiple off-season work can really slow a player down. This off-season seems much different, however. Multiple photos have emerged from social media posts from Simmons with his strength conditioning and some basketball-related activities.

Yes, call me a Ben Simmons optimist because he has a full off-season, training camp to work on himself while also conditioning and getting stronger. Hopeful that his confidence does come back and that's the biggest question, will it ever be the same? There have been several, and I mean several rumors of the Nets and their direction. As we await the anticipated off-season and which kicks off with the NBA draft all we can do is wait and not get too high with the positive news and not too low with anything that displeases us.

To my fellow Nets fans and followers if we could get a productive Ben Simmons paired with Mikal Bridges I know I would feel very confident in our new journey and era. However, I ask you to be patient with me, a tough task but what other choice do we have? Rush a process again and miss on the opportunity that we once had with a group full of teammates who played for one another. If I am the Nets improve the roster the best way you can while also being selective with your assets.

Stay confident Nets fans it's going to be a long and bumpy ride, at least in my eyes.

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