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Primetime Prop Shop - SNF/MNF TB Bucs@ Dallas Cowboys + Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks

Primetime Prop Shop - SNF/MNF TB Bucs@ Dallas Cowboys + Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks

2-1 YTD (+0.85 U)

All plays are (To Win 1 Unit)

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PPS will be out every Thursday and Sunday finding you 3 plays from each game I like! 9 plays a week MINIMUM

LETS CONTINUE MAKING $$$ - Thursday Night was a 2-1 night. Only Cam Akers lack of pass blocking and involvement overall cost us the sweep. All that being said though, still a profitable night.

Tom Brady Over 2.5 Pass TD's (+145)

Mike Evans Over 4.5 Receptions (-140)

Ezekiel Elliot Over 3.5 Receptions (+145)

Since 2016, Brady has thrown 3 or more TD's in just 66% (4 of 6) of the opening games he has played in. Last year vs Dallas, he threw for 4 and I expect him come out again slinging the ball. He looked good in his brief preseason appearance and sound like all signs are pointing to him having Godwin available as well. At +145, I like it!

As I just mentioned, Godwin should play, but how much? I think Mike Evans will get plenty of looks in this game regardless and 5 catches seems very doable if the game goes as I see it. Paying a little juice on this one but its not outrageous.

On the Cowboys side, they are hurting a little at the WR spot after losing Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson. Gallup should be back shortly but with just Ceedee and Dalton Schultz to lean on. I think Zeke and Pollard both get some looks. Give me Zeke because I know Jerry still loves Zeke and he is an excellent reciever out of the backfield. Dak through the ball 58 times vs Tampa last year because of the strength of thier Run D. Someone has to get targets.

Anytime TD Scorer DK Metcalf (+210)

Russell Wilson Over 1.5 Pass TD's (-135)

JaVonte Williams Over 58.5 Rush Yards (-115)

First off, to whoever scheduled the Seahawks and Broncos as out first MNF game should be fired immediately.

Secondly, the Seahawks suck but I do think they will get in the end zone at least once and maybe again in garbage time. Geno Smith is not the most talented QB but I think DK can still make plays. At +210, he is the only guy on Seattle I think could breakout.

Russ has some new weapons and I have a feeling he wants to test drive them and there probably isn't a better team to so it against than his former beloved Seahawks. I see him throwing a decent amount and if there was an alternate line, I would take over 2.5 TD's.

Javonte has to deal with some Melvin Gordon but I think he can get to the 60 yard mark without too much trouble. Wouldn't be suprised if it was on 1 carry or if he got it done in the 1st half.

Good Luck Thursday Night and gamble resposnibly!

(2-1 YTD)

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