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Radio Silence.

What a weekend for NYC!

The playoffs are here!

Sure the Nets lost but we had a fun one on Saturday. The beloved Knicks kicked it off with a road win against the Cleveland Cavaliers and we await the New York Rangers playoff run to start with some Stanley Cup aspirations. Social media, radio stations, and content creators are all excited and pushing their fandom.

I'm like many of you aren't so excited for various reasons might I add. Our Brooklyn Nets are no longer a team with much star power but they are a hard-working squad. However, the previous era had been so disliked, criticized and a bigger-than-the-game mentality that many couldn't support these Brooklyn runs in the past.

If I may why do we keep hearing over the airwaves that WFAN is the home of the Brooklyn Nets? No matter the time of the day, every show can care less about the status or progression of this team, and it's super frustrating. In the morning not a mention, just a reminder that maybe the Nets lost or they win. In the afternoon, Tierney and Tiki may go on a commercial break and mention we will come back taking your calls on Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Rangers, and Islanders, doesn't even acknowledge it. Late afternoon, Evan really just caters to Carton and follows his lead and has started to make fun of the Nets a little bit too much to my liking as a fan for show purposes, and when it's baseball season just forget about basketball talk there. Our evenings, have been very pro-Yankees and rightfully so but Keith Mcpherson used to be all gas no breaks for the Nets, now it lacks luster but he has his podcast catered to our fans. We see you, Keith!

So, yeah home of the Brooklyn Nets more like we pay our rent on the first and the fifteenth. The hometown bias is absolutely infuriating. If the conversation becomes well Nets fans don't even call. WHAT REASON DO YOU GIVE THEM TOO?!?!? Man. It would be really fun to have a mature and intelligent conversation when it came to basketball. Both New York teams have a hell of a future and have some good players to cheer on. The disrespect has gone way too far and it needs to be discussed.

Enough of the negative stories and narratives pushed opinions. The hated players that you claim are cancers are not in the city any longer, let's start acting like it and treat the fan base accordingly.

Game two is this evening, hope to get a few better bounces, and bringing some more intensity would be my game plan. Be the aggressor and have Philadelphia match that level. Let's even things up and give them all something to talk about on Tuesday morning heading into game three at home in our city, Brooklyn, New York.

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