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Raged Up! 5 Sports/Pop Culture Entertainment Things I'm Mad About!

Welcome to Raged Up! A post where I hash out anything in the media that is deserving to get Raged Up about. Whether it would be sports, TV, tweets, it will be worthy of me getting enraged about. So we are going to start where we naturally should...

#1: The Dragon Show

Remember Game of Thrones... The dragons show? When the broken man was king? And the Ice man meant nothing? Awesome. Lot of fun. But if you couldn't get enough of that one, don't worry Thrones is back to disappoint you more than your past three relationships. They already are talking about the Ice man and the snow zombies again and if you thought the first time was bad, wait until they turn it up another notch.

#2: Kevin Durant and the Nets Staring Contest

Another long build with a hateable character that ended in jack SQUAT! All the trade requests, all the bad tweets, and we end where we started... Durant on a team with a point guard who might stop playing if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, and a forward(?) that is terrified to shoot garbage into a trash bin.

#3: Elevator Small Talk

I had a group of old woman take a democracy vote and make me walk down two flights of stairs because I hit the wrong floor! Absolute preposterous behavior. But what is even MORE preposterous is the fact they let on a conversation after I apologized. There should be minimal one to two words said on an elevator, and if you are not down with that I got two words for ya.

#4: Anybody Hating on the New Gamecock Mascot Name

I mean Cock Commander? Are you kidding me? Not only is that is going to be a meme waiting to happen throughout the year, but all y'alls girlfriends just got a new nickname....

#5: Chet Holmgren's Season Ending Injury

Any basketball fan should be excited to see the second pick of the 2022 NBA Draft play in the NBA. Also a tad raged up goes to anybody who is hating on the Pro Am. NBA players will be playing with and against eachother no matter if it is a Pro Am court or not. So stop hating.

That concludes this week's Raged Up! What are you Raged Up about this week?

Stay Safe!


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