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Remodeling Planned; On Atlantic Avenue.

Please be prepared to stop. Road closures ahead plan an alternate route to your possible destination.

Sentences, New Yorkers hear way too often, especially in Brooklyn. It's no secret that the Brooklyn Nets took a chance by creating their own superteam. That superteam included Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden at one time, but the friendly duo of Durant and Irving just blew up within the borough.

Tough pill to swallow for Nets fans to see the stars get traded or not want to play for their favorite team anymore. However, these moves seem to be more of a sense of relief. Hopefully, the off-court noise and drama-filled media attention will disappear. As the trade has become complete, General Manager Sean Marks has replenished his roster with young promising players and draft picks. Marks had rebuilt the Nets pretty well when this franchise was at the bottom of the barrel. This time around he has alot of tools on his work belt to use and apply to renovate rather than rebuild.

Additions of Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Dorian Finney Smith, and home favorite Spencer Dinwiddie bring a different type of juice back to Barclays Center. Young talent that competes, makes a playoff push feels very reminiscent of Brooklyn Nets basketball in 2019, can this team be better?

We have many Nets fans on Twitter already making projections on landing the next elite star to add to the bunch. That's fine and good and it certainly wouldn't surprise me, but let's enjoy what we have before it's reconstructed yet again. Live in the moment, our previous teams were almost weren't enjoyable.

The Nets are 1-2 since the additions but have been close in each of their losses with the exception of a bad second half against the New York Knicks. Mikal Bridges had netted a career-high 45 points last night which led to a victory over the Miami Heat. As they head to the All-Star break, the team holds the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference standings with a 34-24 record.

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