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Surrounded by Negative Nets Voices.

When will it stop!

The Nets are two preseason games into the season, and an annual successful event at Brooklyn Bridge Park, for fans and family called Practice in the Park. Most of the fans shared content through social media seemed to be a great fun time. Until, hearing some boos for head coach Steve Nash, which should be anticipated, and also notice Joe Harris not walking too well on that surgically repaired ankle. That's beside the point, but had me

This should not cause too much concern as the Nets and their fan base seem excited and prepared for some daily basketball, especially with their stars on the floor. Until the remainder of last evening two Nets supporters and fans so their Mets lose last evening but immediately reacted with Net's reminders.

Yes, the Mets have been eliminated and we are sorry for those fans. Yet, you may ask what that has to do with the basketball team from Brooklyn. Well, both share a fandom of the Mets and the Nets. Barstool Sports' own Frank Fleming and WFAN radio broadcaster Evan Roberts were quite vocal this morning on Twitter. Frank, with quite a prediction of how the season will turn for the Nets based on his long journey with his teams falling short. While Evan has simply made a poll of which downfall was worse.

The continuous doom and gloom and pessimistic views can stop. You both are very few supporters of popular platforms. The fans need you more than ever to back this Nets team. . Yes, the Nets have been through a whirlwind of stories, injuries, trades, and a roller coaster of an off-season. Sure, criticism and poking some fun are fine but it seems you both follow along the way too much with national opinions and takes that seriously bash this team. Why not join the fans who are excited about the season? Fans are ready and want this team to be successful. Let's turn it around and change the narrative for basketball in Brooklyn.

Let's be honest, they have a really competitive roster with two elite superstars, Durant and Irving, and potential All-Star Ben Simmons. There's a lot to look forward to, and quite frankly it begins with two of the powerful voices the Nets have. I mean, Evan you have Knicks season tickets. Frank, when was the last time you even been to Barclays center? I can respect the passion of both of you, but can we be a little bit better when it comes to our Brooklyn Nets? Thank goodness, the Nets fans have WFAN broadcaster, Keith Mcpherson. Keith knock some sense into the group, will you.

The Nets will visit Milwaukee on Wednesday to take on the Bucks for a third pre-season game. Stay tuned for team updates and news from @BKN_Says and the @OTB_Network !

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