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The Dominance of Anthony Davis: What Does It Mean For Lakers?

The world is finally witnessing the Anthony Davis of old. It’s been a rough few years of injuries and missed playing time for the All-Star. Due to the missed time, the Los Angeles Lakers have suffered for the most part. However, with Davis healthy on the floor, he has been a dominant factor for the Lakers this season. The team has won six of their last games and Davis has been the leading factor in their turnaround. 

When the Lakers first assembled their “Big Three” during the 2021 offseason, I preached for Anthony Davis to become the number one option in the offense. Davis plays alongside two terrific passers who can allow the offense to run through him. His versatility on the offensive end allows Davis to be one of the best players in the NBA. 

However, injuries hurt Davis last season, in which the Lakers would miss the playoffs with a 33-49 record. Playing only 40 games for the 2021-22 season, Davis could never catch a rhythm on the floor. He wasn’t as assertive on both ends and couldn’t establish himself as one of the elite big men. With an early-season ending, the situation allowed Davis to rehab and prepare for redemption this season. 

LeBron James misses a few weeks due to injury while Russell Westbrook is adjusting to his new role as leader of the second unit. What does that mean for Anthony Davis? It means it’s his time to answer the call. It begins on a Sunday night matchup against the Brooklyn Nets. Davis scored 37 points to go with 18 rebounds on the evening. He continued to attack the paint and impose his will under the basket. For a player who isn’t fond of playing at the center position, Davis made his presence known that night. 

The momentum would continue for Davis and his dominance. However, the most important part of it was that the Lakers were beginning to win. Many can make an argument that the Lakers have played below .500 teams during the win streak. Regardless of who is in front of them, it’s important for the Lakers to continue to dominate and ride on their momentum. 

Over his last seven games, Davis is averaging 31.3 points per game along with 16.1 rebounds. The exciting part of his game is his versatility in scoring. Davis has shot a high percentage during this stretch and the game continues to come easy for him. Even with James’ return in the Lakers’ matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, it hasn’t slowed down the dominance of Davis. For head coach Darvin Ham, he continues to make Davis’ offense a priority for the team, considering it has led to success. 

Anthony Davis continues his high level of play can mean great things for the Lakers. The world knows that LeBron James is winning the war against Father Time at this moment. However, this is Davis’ time to carry the team to different heights. When healthy, this is a player who makes his presence known as a top-five big man in the NBA. Anthony Davis is here to remind the world of who he is after a disappointing season a year ago. 

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