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The Long Anticipation of shooting Wings.

The elephant in the room is usually large, but this one in Brooklyn is enormous.

Nets fans have been awaiting for two players to really rise above the surface. Those two players you can make the debate to be a several amounts of players. Those whom I'm referring to and can guess, that's Seth Curry and Joe Harris.

Ironically, both players were coming off surgeries and had a longer duration than usual to get back to game action. Both are and will be huge contributors to the Nets as the season goes but have not fulfilled their potential. Slump shooting nights, not the best defense being played, and also trying to find their groove within Jacque Vaughn's style of play have played a factor as well.

The frustrating part is Curry and Harris have never collaborated for a full game contributing together. It's been one or the other having contributing nights. However, last night as the Nets hosted the Hornets had a solid performance by both. The Nets had overcome a gritty Hornets comeback with a win. The question will remain, can Curry and Harris bring it on a nightly basis? In the Net's case, they sure hope so because shooters like themselves can really hurt a defense. Nets fans have been putting Curry and Harris against each other for friendly debates. Having both is a luxury but with the return of TJ Warren and the emergence of Yuta Watanabe, it may lead to who gets rotational minutes.

Health has been a real concern, but when everyone is available the Nets will be anticipating multiple lineups and looks for opposing teams. Fully healthy, the Nets could really beat teams with depth, and they maybe just turning the corner. Also, the key date is inching up on December 15th when players are eligible for trades. This roster could absolutely need upgrades in the defender or rebounder category. I am not envious of Sean Marks at the moment but the Nets do currently sit fourth in the Eastern Conference. Which should definitely keep Nets fans calm correct?

Nets will be back on Friday hosting the Atlanta Hawks. Hopefully, a Ben Simmons return. Stay tuned for Nets updates and stories with @OTB_Network and @BKN_Says!

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