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The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

I took some time to calm down after Sunday’s Colts game before writing this. I am a Colts fan and for that, I try my hardest to separate my fandom from reality and make a fair judgment and analysis of this team based on the film and not my clouded goggles. So having taken some time to calm down and go back and watch the game film again I have come to one conclusion. That the Indianapolis Colts are a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

The Colts Are The Worst Team In The League

The Colts at this point are the worst team in the league and I know it is just week 2 but I think it is very clear to see when you watch the team play just how bad they are. The Colts were faced with an 8-man box all game from the Jacksonville Jaguars as they were trying to contain Jonathan Taylor, and so the Colts never got the fierce run game going. But the Colts also didn’t get the passing game going either.

Without Michael Pittman, the Colt's issues at wide receiver reared their ugly head. And an issue that just like right tackle has not been adequately addressed. So who is to blame for all of this? The answer is simple EVERYONE in the Colts organization is responsible for this.

It Starts With Chris Ballard

We’ll start with Chris Ballard. While Chris Ballard has done some great things in the draft getting guys like Quenton Nelson, Jonathan Taylor, Shaq Leonard, and Michael Pittman he has struggled to fill holes when they are a need. Last season the Colts thought they addressed the Right Tackle position by bringing in veteran Eric Fisher. Fisher didn’t paly well when he played last season and missed a big chunk of last season.

Now to the Wide receiver position. The Colt's 2020 draft brought Michel Pittman and he has shown and proven to be a true number 1 wide receiver. Outside of that though, the Colts have not done a great job of addressing the position with the proper talent. The Colts did go get rookie wide receiver Alec Pierce. However, he is just a rookie and it’s hard to tell what he will truly be as a pro.

The Colts have had opportunities in the past to bring in some big-name guys or even guys who are really good and talented but haven’t done it and tried to roll with guys that they drafted and it hasn’t worked out for them. While I do think that Ballard bears some of the responsibility I think the majority of the Blame falls on the players and Head Coach Frank Reich.

The Players

I’ll start with the players—the Colts in the off-season traded QB Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders for a third-round pick. Wentz gathered most of the blame for the Colt's meltdown last season in the final game of the season vs the Jacksonville Jaguars and was shipped out of town without the Colts even having another option at QB.

So the Colts made a deal with the Atlanta Falcons to bring in veteran and former league MVP QB Matt Ryan. And all off-season people from inside the organization had compared Matt Ryan to Peyton Manning. It is clear through the first two weeks of the year that that couldn’t be farther from the truth and that Ryan’s weaknesses are really starting to show.

You also have the offensive line. The 2022 Indianapolis Colts offensive line is not the offensive line of years past. It used to be the catalyst to that strong run game the Colts have had in the past couple of years. It is a real weakness for the Colts this year that must improve quickly to turn things around. Lastly, you have the defense. While many people including me wanted Matt Eberflues to be gone as the DC of the Indianapolis Colts this Gus Bradly defense is absolutely terrible.

Reich Has Been Meh At Best

To round it out you have Frank Reich. Many people have criticized Colts fans for wanting Frank Reich to be fired after this game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the critics of Colts fans saying it’s only week 2. My rebuttal to that is it isn’t just two weeks. These issu[es with Reich have dated back to his first year at the helm when the Colts started off 1-5. Now the Colts did turn it around and make the playoffs.

Then in 2020, the Colts start the year off vs the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville and the Colts lose. That was the Jaguar's only win that season. And later on that season, the Colts played the Baltimore Ravens and had a chance to win the game. Instead, they blew it due to poor game management by Frank Reich. Fast forward to last season the Colts start the season off 1-4 again. And just like in Frank’s first season the Colts turned it around and had a shot at the playoffs. All they had to do was beat the Jaguars, the team who had the number one overall pick because they were the worst team in the league. The Colts went into Jacksonville last season and got killed.

So no Colts fans are not wanting Reich fired over just two weeks but over the whole history poor play and slow starts in the season. Now I’m not saying Reich needs to be fired. All I am doing is laying out the reasons why some fans want him fired.

What Is Next For The Colts?

The Colts currently sit at 0-1-1 and will be welcoming the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs. It is their first home game of the year in what will likely be an ugly game for the Colts. Hopefully they show some fight after only 20 points thru two games.

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