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Thought, I was Feelin’ you? Nah. The Nets are to much….

Ok, Ok, let's see what's going to happen next—lyrics from rap artist Drake, which was the NBA post-season jam. The track keeps playing in my and Nets fan's heads. Reminding of the absolute destruction the Nets had of the Bucks being up 2-0 in their series a few seasons ago. The other thought is what exactly will happen next. The highest of high feelings to the lowest of low. Nothing seems to make sense regarding the basketball side of this franchise.

If you are paying attention Nets point guard Kyrie Irving has been in the news and on your timeline. Sharing or promoting what is deemed to be an Anti-Semitic documentary on his Twitter profile. The last straw seems to be dealt and much has led to this collapse and focus of the team. Post-game press conference seemed to be the icing on the cake that drove to a Nets decision. Irving is serving a five-game suspension and recently it has been shared a list of tasks has been requested for him to accomplish in lieu of an apology. Tasks that also are assumed Irving will blow off and that would be the end of this partnership.

Steve Nash is also no longer in the building. While many are portraying him to be a good basketball coach many knew he was not the correct hire from the time. This may have been the biggest problem on the court and hindered success. With that being said, the Nets have been speculating that Ime Udoka could become the replacement. He is also getting some backlash for his recent allegations from his time with the Boston Celtics.

The question remains what will happen next? Basketball reasons have seem to not matter from the beginning of 2012 when the Nets have arrived to New York. Yet, the fans have these anticipated high expectations for the Nets trying to contend and chase a title always the quick way. Free agent signs to peculiar trades, it has all seemed to be forced. You have to almost wonder if Kevin Durant was correct in requesting a trade from this franchise.

Do the Nets and ownership, Tsai family, want to have this much drama again surrounding the team? Not having a head coach, and Kevin Durant not having his running mate around seems to be yet another recipe for disaster and another rebuild looming with no picks. That's where general manager Sean Marks started! The sense of the Nets always being mediocre is always pursued, which is kind of tiresome.

All Nets fans wanted was stability and contention. Personally, thought that when Durant and Irving arrived the Nets were about to be serious. Turns out that was just the opposite, with a sprinkle of devastating luck being the formula of unsuccessful basketball seasons.

That again remains to be seen. Will they ever be serious?

We are all paying attention, and to all of those who wished it upon a star, it seems you may have got your wish. Irving may never play again for the Nets. Will a head coach with a successful resume be overlooked again?

The saga continues and will Kevin Durant remain?

Sad days ahead but there are games to be played. Nets are in Dallas this evening with everything but basketball news surrounding them. They look to make it a third straight win, which would be wonderful but you all can keep implementing your strategies. Whether that be media bad-mouthing, trolling, or assuming things that are not even known yet. Hate to say this but let's be patient and let's see what kind of franchise the Nets turn into again.

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