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Too Quick of a Sale…..


Not the cash out we were thinking of.

Well, I told myself watching this postseason wouldn't make me say "What If?"

Here we are Nets fans. We almost have our conference finals matchups and based on how these series have gone all my brain thinks about is why did the Nets give up.

Trade requests granted. We know what happened this past trade deadline. The Irving and Durant trades had been completed and it was just deflating. Owner Joe Tsai who was quoted "My religion is winning"

Sir, have you been observing this NBA post-season?

Teams stars have been showing up, home crowds are satisfied and thriving with energy. Other role players are playing in pivotal places and showing their real basketball IQ. The organization, that Brooklyn has supported is not getting the proper criticism it deserves. They threw in the towel.

Disgraceful. The lack of effort to try and make this team ready to contend against opposing had been a concern for a few seasons. Especially, getting swept by Boston last season. Yet, Irving and Durant were playing good basketball together. Some would say Irving was having a career year. Yet, the media and the noose were just too much for the Brooklyn brass, and decided to move on.

As we watch on, the Bucks have been eliminated, cross-town New York Knicks are competing, Miami Heat is the physical specimen that they are and the Celtics are a shell of themselves. The Eastern Conference was up for grabs and we sold too early. Anything is salvageable if you try harder than the other person. I am here screaming that the Nets came up short again for their fans. It is a low time in the organization after being all in.

The real question is what is the plan now? Mikal Bridges is here. Sean Marks has been here before with less. Unsure of what the direction is, as a fan of the team it is very difficult to stay enthused that this roster can be improved the way fans want it to be. Rumors have been swirling early about a Damian Lillard addition. However thats all that is; rumors.

This may be the last straw for the owner and general manager here in Brooklyn. A lot of work has to be done. How do Brooklyn fans be patient, can they? Let's stay tuned to what will be coming out after the next few series and finals. Hoping for a retool and not a full breakdown of the roster. Like Joe Tsai has stated this week "Basketball players are very hard to manage."


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