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Toilet Tribune: 2024's New Beginnings & Fighting Peter Dinklage for his Net Worth

Real crappers, it is time to assemble.

In a survey conducted by NordVPN in 2022, 65% of respondents (of 9,800 adults surveyed) said they used their phones in the bathroom.

This comes as no shock to us 2000's poopers, magazines have sat next to the porcelain throne most of the time under the toilet paper throughout our younger lives.

But as technology grew, with it came Twitter (now X), Tik Tok, and blogs. No more Time Magazine, no more People headlines, just BuzzFeed and Barstool.

That's where the Toilet Tribune comes in. For all the real poopers out there... The ones where you have the occasional limbs falling asleep. These are for you. Whether it is talking questions posed on social media, news in sports, the occasional top five, this could be and will be anything...

So welcome to 2024, where the Toilet Tribune will take these conversations from the bathroom to the bar.

Fighting Celebrities for Their Net Worth

It is a simple question. It really is. And there are some very simple answers. For starters, Warren Buffett is 93 and worth just under $120 Billion. With a B. I am not sure of how the celebrity status ties in with Mr. Buffett, but buddy can catch these hands and I'm moving to Bora Bora.

Sticking with age, Clint Eastwood is another oldie that is catching a left and I'll be living right in Fiji. He too is 93 and worth just over $375 million.

But those would be too easy, too simple. Age can be just a number, but if you believe you could give me a ninety year old that could stand up for their money... I'll make you a broke liar.

So that brings me to my first thought when I heard this question. The man that played the game of thrones and did so correctly. Peter Dinklage or in the show's case, Tyrion Lannister. Worth $25 Million, I'm whooping him good and I'd still be living right.

PLUS, I would be able to say I did something the Lannister's and the rest of Westeros could NOT do. He'd have no games, no smarts, and most of all no Kingslayer by his side in this one. Give me the $25 million, and the Westeros Glory. Cause every lord and lady knows someone needs to get glory back to that show and its ending somehow...

Cause remember Thrones? The show that ONLY had 6 seasons and NOBODY remembers 7 and 8? Yeah... Give me Dinklage and I'm living right.

Until Next Time... Here's to You and Here's to Poo!


Check me out on Twitter @craines38, and Check out Raines Radio!

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