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Top Five Fraud Gods in History

"What is a God to a Non-Believer?" That right there is a lyric to Kanye West's big hit, No Church in the Wild. But that same exact question can be asked to every NBA fan watching the Suns and Mavericks game Sunday Night. No single fan had beliefs in Chris Paul, the "Point God", so who is he to make us believe in a Suns victory in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. With some poor performances, the Point God quickly turned into the Point Fraud, joining the list of the Top Five Fraud Gods in History. But where at?


Fraud God #5: Achilles

To all the Greek God followers that will be in my mentions and telling me that Achilles was not a God, he was technically a half-god and that is enough to make this list. I mean what God has a weak spot? There is literally a term for one's weak spot named after this so-called 'Half-God'. He may be a half-god, but for sure a full fraud.

Fraud God #4: Yeezus

Couple things with Ye.

  1. What the hell is that outfit

  2. He utilizes the lyrics of scoopity-woop for the entirety of a song

  3. You lost Kim K to Skeet Davison

  4. And after you lost Kim K to Skeet you have gone on the worst losing tour I have ever seen.

Yeezus is no God. Just a Gigantic Fraud.

Fraud God #3: Hades

Albeit he lost to the Half-God of Hercules, Hades is still a loser in my book. He is the Greek God of the Underworld, and when he lost in the final scenes of Disney's Hercules, he had home field advantage. So in true Point Fraud... Excuse me, Fraud God fashion, Hades blew a lead with his Titans and then lost at home court. FRAUD!

Fraud God #2: Loki

The only so-called "Gods" I have seen lose more are number 1 on the list. Loki lost in the first Thor. Lost in the first Avengers film. 'Died' in the second installment in the Thor series. Lost on every move he pulled in Ragnarok. Just to get his neck snapped in Infinity War. True Gods do not lose. Fraud Gods do.

Fraud God #1: "Point God" Chris Paul

Five 2-0 series blown. A horrible series against the Mavericks. The reason this piece is being put out. Chris Paul has always been a Fraud God, and do not forget that!

Stay Safe Folks!


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